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Adults, 18 and Older

Adults, 18 and Older

Adult Mental Health Services

Adults age 18 and older benefit from an individualized treatment plan that establishes short and long-term goals so progress can be measured. Group therapy empowers patients to share feelings and experiences with others who have similar problems.

The community environment encourages patients to cultivate trusting relationships with one another and the staff. The patient is involved with the treatment team and peers in his or her program which provides feedback and encouragement for progress.

Activities therapy provides adults with optional avenues for expression. In addition, activities foster group interaction and often awaken personal talents.

Patients and family members are encouraged to participate in the initial evaluation process, working with our clinical professionals to develop a comprehensive profile and history.

Our mental health treatment team works closely with the psychiatrist and the referring professional. Treatment focuses on helping the patient identify the emotions and behaviors that are creating turmoil in his or her everyday life.

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