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Patient Resources

River Crest Hospital is a modern, 80-bed psychiatric hospital specializing in the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders that can afflict individuals of all ages, from children and teens to adults. We provide acute inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and addiction treatment programs.

Each patient who walks through the doors of our facility receives treatment from our dedicated staff members. We truly believe that the path to recovery shouldn’t be walked alone.

Action Alliance Partnership

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance), a public-private partnership, has partnered with River Crest Hospital, to strengthen the country’s clinical capacity to provide innovative suicide prevention and care. The partnership significantly advances one of the central priorities of the Action Alliance — to transform health systems and reduce suicides — and marks River Crest Hospital’s commitment to be at the leading edge of the transformation.

UHS PsychHub Children and Adolescent Playlist

Call Today for a No-Cost Assessment

Crisis can strike at any moment which is why we are available to schedule confidential, no-cost assessments 24/7. Call River Crest Hospital today at 800-777-5722.