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Frequently Asked Questions

River Crest Hospital probably is not like your preconceived notion of how a psychiatric hospital looks or feels. The quiet, peaceful setting provides a therapeutic environment that’s very conducive to recovery.

You will have an initial mental health evaluation with a member of our staff to see if hospitalization is indicated. We gladly answer all your questions. If you are admitted, we recommend you authorize release of information to the therapist or doctor who may have referred you.

The length of your stay is determined by your needs, so the answer can range from a few days to a few weeks. Your custom mental health treatment plan focuses on what can be accomplished in the shortest period of time.

Your time spent in the hospital most likely will be treated no differently than if you had been hospitalized for a medical or surgical condition. If you have an employee assistance counselor, we suggest you discuss your treatment with them.

Families and loved ones provide much needed support and comfort, so it is important for them to participate in active treatment. Although designated times are set for visiting hours, we always try to work with families to accommodate scheduling needs.

Your treatment at River Crest Hospital is a special investment you make in yourself and your future. To help you benefit the most from your treatment, you will be asked to follow certain rules and guidelines for personal behavior. To promote your security, certain items are not permitted in units, while other items are allowed but must be checked out from the nurses’ station and returned after use.

Call Today for a No-Cost Assessment

Crisis can strike at any moment which is why we are available to schedule confidential, no-cost assessments 24/7. Call River Crest Hospital today at 800-777-5722.